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There have been many contributors to Amara's works.  We wish to give them many thanks and acknowledge their contributions.

And to you, the fans , who's devotion  have made this journey possible, our eternal  love and gratitude.

Let Love

(recorded, engineered by Seth Bartlett at unfolding unlimited studios (feauturing Phillip Nakano on bass, drums, saxophone and clarinet)
album produced by Seth Bartlett and phillip Nakano)

Can’t Keep a Sunrise Down

( recorded, engineered and produced by  Kevin Drew) featuring Keven Drew on guitar and bass, vocal harmony - Dominic Greer, Brian Drew on percussion   

Chamomile Sea

( live in concert)

Brand New Start

( live in concert featuring Mark Huber on saxophone)

True Identity

( solo live recording)

Time of Times

( solo live recording)

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