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1. Colors Crying -featuring Justen Graham on guitar.Lairmont

2. Amara Grace and Band in Concert

3. Brand New Start - featuring Mark Huber on saxophone

4. Remember the River - Amara Grace and Band

5. Gone the Distance

6. Spirit Soup

7. Amara Grace - Live at the
8. Back in the Spirit - Austin
9. Amara Grace- Live at the Treehouse
10.Amara Grace- Live at Flipnotics
11. Chamomile Sea - solo concert
12. Sweet Travelers- live concert featuring Dominic Greer on guitar
13. Soul of Humanity
14. True Identity
15. Someday, Now
16. Battlefield of Wildflowers - peace songs
17. Can't keep a Sunrise Down - featuring Kevin Drew on guitar
18. Time of Times
19. Most Beautiful Story

20. Let Love (Coming soon.)

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