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"Awakeable Peace"

The songbird soars above singing us Prayer songs. Feathers fall as reminders to let Love give us wings. At the door, standing without keys the songbird soars above singing us Freedom songs... "Who will be a human being for the human being who is not free?" I am someone with tears still caught in my throat. She is that same someone. He is that same someone. We are that same someone. Someone still learning to inhabit the body. Still learning how to live in peace within this earthly choir pulsating rare relief... I tune my soul for understanding. I search for a chair in the world but can not find one. And still, the beauty comes. I can hear music. The songbird soars above singing us Blessing songs. It hears the signal cry of humanity and answers us in Lullabies. Song after song of Love we bind with Grace. Our essence is remembered. Our Light. What cruel words would Light have to say to itself? To each other? What If our free will became unafraid to choose Love over Fear? I would like to think that hate would turn to stone, violence into sunrise. And in those skies where Love is law its power quiets our demons. Befriending the Great Mystery we hold our trust in Love. We hurt less within this Union. We are a little more free then. The songbird sours above Singing us love songs And that timeless sky of understanding Is now unstoppable healing sunshine. We feel our belonging in that warmth. No wrong roads. Only spirals returning us home. together. We could unify the world. There is an awakeable Peace at the center of us. The songbird soars above singing us Peace songs. The kind we don't forget.

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