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"From Stories to Songs"

I started writing stories at five years old. I would pretend to bind them into little books and pretend to sell them in my pretend bookstore underneath the piano bench. At ten years old, my heartstrings bonded with the piano as if out of thirst. Like the bending of a flower towards the sunlight. Not unlike how the voice bends the melody to fully express the deeper meaning of the lyric. Self taught, I started writing and performing my original music at fifteen. The gift of my childhood was music. Jimmy Hendrix, remember? He said "Music is my religion." My sense was it was as if it was my call and response with Spirit. It was my mother, my father, my refuge, my home. In music I felt safe and connected to an energetic that made me feel loved and cared for. What an ineffable blessing to my young child's soul. This place beyond words, in between the notes where the truth sounding itself out, became my healer. Music. Sense of belonging. Trustworthy companion. It's the language I relate to, the voice of my true identity and the realm of this world where I truly feel alive. It is where I connect to the Great Mystery and where Love answers all my questions. Sweet.

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